The Nu Image Medical CEO Who Is Disrupting Telemedicine Technology

While Nu Image Medical is often categorized as part of the men’s health sector, its programs are also beloved by women. For those who have lost confidence or experienced depression or anxiety due to their changing bodies, Nu Image Medical has offered untold solace. This has been evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive responses from clients, who are just as satisfied with their program results as they are with Nu Image’s legendary customer service team.

What has set Nu Image Medical apart from competitors has been Andreas Dettlaff’s proclivity for technology. All Nu Image appointments are conducted via telemedicine, with medical providers meeting their clients through telephone and video call. Having eliminated the need for in-person appointments, Andreas Dettlaff has made treatment options more convenient, comfortable, and timely for everyone involved. Nu Image Medical is able to offer this service while maintaining licensing in 49 states and staying compliant with all regulatory laws.

Dettlaff’s technological savvy has also benefited Nu Image Medical internally; their proprietary software platform was designed to meet the company’s every need. Acting as an EMR (electronic medical record), an accounting software platform, a video platform, a billing platform, a customer service platform, a medical platform, and a reporting platform, Andreas Dettlaff has managed to automate the entire company. Another benefit of this software is the ability of patients to access their medical providers much more easily and frequently than in a traditional doctor’s office setting.

Andreas Dettlaff remains committed to helping people, as Nu Image Medical continues to test and launch new products, all driven by client requests. With goals of growing Nu Image Medical into a market leader in hormonal support, Andreas Dettlaff’s day-to-day functions include building relationships, expanding his product line, growing his team, and increasing company visibility. To this end, he works with his staff of medical, technology, legal, and marketing experts to continue innovating and exceeding client expectations.

As Nu Image Medical grows toward its full potential, Andreas Dettlaff has embraced a more aggressive marketing campaign that includes commercials, celebrity spokespeople, and strategic partnerships. With a strong team and infrastructure in place, he is confident that Nu Image Medical is ready to bring its unique formulations and programs to an even broader audience.


About Andreas Dettlaff

Based in Tampa, Florida, Andreas Dettlaff lives with his wife and two sons, whom he hopes to inspire to follow their dreams. He is a firm believer that if you work hard enough and have a vision, anything is possible.

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